25 Totally Fun and Free Things To Do in Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is the Gulf Coast's most relaxing destination. This tight-knit beach community offers the serenity of coastal beach living without the typical hustle and bustle. Take advantage of the sun, sand, and emerald-green water with 25 totally fun and free things to do in Navarre Beach!

Want to experience Navarre Beach without emptying your bank account? Choose from the following 25 activities ranging from family-friendly to 21 & up. Leave the checkbook at home for these fun and free things to do in Navarre Beach!

25 Totally Fun and Free Things to do in Navarre Beach…

1. Beach at Juana’s Pagodas – The public beach behind Juana’s Pagodas is easy to access, and ripe with things to see and do. The sound-side beach is smaller than the coast, but still an awesome spot to soak up the sun. Learn more about the beach at Juana’s Pagodas!

2. Bicycle Riding – Let the sweet, salty wind blow through your hair while viewing the sights of Navarre Beach! A bike ride with loved ones is a perfect way to explore the island.

3. Fishing – Go home with a “fish tale” on your next trip to Navarre Beach. Catch dozens of popular species including red snapper, speckled trout, grouper, cobia, and even shark!


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Let an experienced angler guide you to the top fishing spots on the Gulf Coast aboard a Navarre Beach Fishing Charter.


4. Lounge at the Beach – The white-sand beaches of Navarre Beach are made for lounging. Bring a chair, towel, or pop-a-squat on the soft sand! For many, this is definitely one of the best free things to do in Navarre Beach.

5. Searching for Treasure – Who knows what riches lie beneath the sun-kissed sand… this free activity may even boost your vacation budget into the green!

6. Movie Night – There is something special about watching your favorite film while on vacation. Most condos, hotels, and vacation homes include a dvd or blu ray player, so all you need to bring is popcorn, soda, and a movie everyone can agree on!

7. Cornhole – Strange name, but tons of fun! Cornhole is a favorite of beach goers far and wide, and visitors are allowed to set up anywhere on the public beach!

8. Pro Kadima (Smash Ball) – Fun for all ages, Pro Kadima can be played at any pace.

9. Night on the Town – Navarre Beach offers some of the best night-life on the coast. Check out our guide to Navarre Beach nightlife for more info.

10. Beach Volleyball – There are several public volleyball nets located at Lagerheads and Juana’s Pagodas. Form a team, or join an existing game with some friendly folks on your next trip.

11. Live Music – Catch the latest and greatest music acts from the Gulf Coast and beyond at a music venue in Navarre Beach. Head to Lagerheads, Helen Back, or one of the local joints offering live entertainment.

12. Watch the Blue Angels – Head down to Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach’s closest neighbor, and catch a Blue Angels flight show from the comfort of a public beach.

13. Moonlit Beach Stroll – The beach comes alive at night. walk in the wet sand, sip on a cold drink, or simply take in the beauty of the moonlit horizon.

14. Photo Session – Take to the beach with your best camera (or camera phone) for a photo session on the white-sand!


navarre beach photography session

Find a local photographer specializing in family, couples, children, beach, wedding photography and MORE online at Navarre Beach Photographers.


15. Tunes by the Dunes Concert Series – Live music from popular local and regional acts draws thousands of visitors to Tunes by the Dunes. This free concert series is offered weekly through peak tourist season. For more info visit Navarre Beach Tunes by the Dunes.

16. Play in the Sand – Sand castle building was one of my favorite free things to do in Navarre Beach as a kid, and now you can pass it on to your children! There are so many unforgettable activities you and your friends and family can experience in the white-sand of Navarre Beach.

17. Ghost Crab Hunting – Once the sun goes down, grab a flashlight, bucket, and plastic shovel in search of little white ghost crabs.

18. Navarre Beach Marine Park – Visit all three attractions at the Navarre Beach Marine Park free of charge! This includes the Sea Turtle Conversation Center, Sanctuary and Artificial Reefs, and the Marine Science Center.

19. Play Some Catch – Be it baseball, football, or a good ole’ fashioned frisbee, there’s no better place to play catch than on the beach at Navarre Beach!

20. Lounge by the Pool – This is the whole point of vacation right?

21. Barbecue – A cookout is one of the best ways to create cherished memories on vacation. Cook up burgers, hot dogs, fresh veggies, or the day’s catch (if you’re lucky)!


navarre beach dining

Don’t want to deal with preparing food on your vacation? No problem! Fill up on a delicious meal at a Navarre Beach restaurant!


22. Go on a Drive – Scenic highway 399 connects Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach, and makes for a peaceful drive along natural beaches and wildlife habitats.

23. Lodging-provided Activities – Take advantage of activities provided by your hotel or condo. From movie nights to luau’s, lodging providers love to treat their guests!

24. Collecting Shells – An assortment of shells can be found either in the sand, shallow water, or out at the closest sandbar.

25. Explore Nearby Destinations – Navarre Beach is located centrally to Destin, Pensacola Beach, and Downtown Pensacola. In less than 30 minutes, you can find yourself with a whole new list of free things to do!!

Not that you’ve seen a full list of FREE things to do in Navarre Beach, how about some not-so free activities? Check out a full list of Navarre Beach tours & attractions online at NavarreBeach.com!

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