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Artificial Reef Guided Snorkel Tour – Inlet Beach Grouper Reef

Santa Rosa Beach-30A

From $65

Artificial Reef Guided Snorkel Tour – Inlet Beach Grouper Reef

Explore the area’s new artificial snorkel reef network on this Artificial Reef Guided Snorkel Tour. Snorkel Inlet Beach Grouper Reef and let the friendliest and most knowledgeable guides around get you oriented and ready to explore the water below. Each Snorkel Reef site is home to a wide range of interesting marine life and there are lots of different ways to enjoy your tour. You can dive down and find small, colorful reef fish on the structures or swim between the towers and get surrounded by large schools of small baitfish. It’s not uncommon to see bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and eagle rays in the vicinity of the reefs. Venture out deeper and you’ll notice subtle differences in the fish and other creatures you’re seeing. Swim out over the sand to get a wider view of the bait swarms. There’s no limit to what you might discover during your tour! Just put on your swimsuit, grab your beach towel, and get going.

Duration 90 Min.

S Orange St, Panama City Beach, FL 32413, USA