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Private Cruise + Bonfire

Fort Walton Beach-Okaloosa Island

From $375

Private Cruise + Bonfire

Embark on a captivating Private Cruise + Bonfire as a skilled captain navigates the tranquil intercoastal waterways, unveiling secluded islands. Along the way, you will be delighted by the playful company of dolphins and other wildlife. As the boat gently beaches, you’ll disembark to find the captain preparing a mesmerizing bonfire. Relax in comfort with provided chairs and all the equipment needed for a cozy bonfire evening under the stars. It’s the perfect blend of nature, adventure, and relaxation. Come join this unforgettable voyage into the heart of serenity, book your experience today!

Duration 3 Hrs.

100 Old Ferry Rd, Shalimar, FL 32579, USA