Fun Feature: Navarre Beach Marine Science Station

The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station is the place to be for all of the best marine wildlife info on the Emerald Coast.

Image by Pete Markham via Flickr

Located at the Navarre Beach Park in Santa Rosa County, the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station offers a wide range of fun features for tourists and their children. The center’s mission is to promote the appreciation, conservation, and understanding of the marine ecosystem of coastal Florida through education and service. Hence, the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station offers firsthand information and education for the locals, tourists, and students on aquamarine lives, natural resource and watershed.

Marine Science Madness at the Marine Science Station

Events and Classes offered in Navarre Beach Marine Science Station
The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station educates students who come to the center on marine ecosystem of coastal areas, natural resource in the community, and its watershed. High school students seeking basic understanding and knowledge about marine and aquatic lives can take field trips to Navarre Beach. The knowledge shares and the alluring environment are always full of awesome experiences for many students. The Science Center has unique and exciting ways of inspiring students to become lovers of natural and inspiring local environments. Tons of students visit the center all year round.

There is no doubt that the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station offers plenty of excitement for family and friends along with their kids. Its awesome info, classes, courses, and hands-on learning opportunities make this a must for kids and nature enthusiasts alike.

What Families and Children Can Do In Navarre Beach

fun feature navarre beach science center

Beyond the Science Center, though, there are tons of tourists attractions in Navarre Beach. Some of the top attractions, activities, and things you can do when you visit the community include: Taking a tour of the community’s natural and artificial endowments, engaging in different watersports like kayaking and paddle boarding. In fact, there are a host of nightlife’s activities including open concerts and restaurant services with top-notch meals.

Navarre Beach is an island community that offers a number of top attractions and sporting activities for all ages. Some of these activities include community tours, watersports, and a host of nightlife activities that guarantee unforgettable memories. Notable things to enjoy in Navarre Beach are the secluded beaches and the natural landmarks. With its ever-growing number of activities and attractions, Navarre Beach remains the ideal destination for people of all ages. So, whether you’re touring the Navarre Beach Science Center for aquatic animal encounters or you’re enjoying a kayak tour in Santa Rosa County, Navarre Beach delivers new surprises with each visit all year round.

With its ever-growing number of activities and attractions, Navarre Beach guarantees you with lots of new surprises on each visit to the center. So, whether you are sightseeing the Navarre Beach Science Station for aquatic animal encounters or going on a kayak tour in the Santa Rosa County, finding things of interest to do in Navarre Beach is as cool as the morning dew!

  1. Dana Tucker says:

    We will be visiting Navarre Beach July 15-19. What concerts and activities are scheduled during that time.

    • Island Writer says:

      Hello Dana, while many events haven’t released their schedules for summer 2019 yet, we do have some information about regular events that take place here in Navarre and Navarre Beach located on our annual events page – Click Here

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