Opal Beach: The Most Beautiful Beach You’ve Never Heard of

The quiet beaches of Navarre Beach are nothing like its busier neighbors. Travelers to Navarre Beach can expect pristine white sand, and plenty of space to lay about. If you want to take it one step further, head down to Opal Beach, a secluded private beach between Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach. Keep reading to learn more about this picture-perfect paradise on the Emerald Coast!

Where is Opal Beach, why should I go, and how have I never heard of it?! The Gulf Islands National Seashore runs from Mississippi to Florida protecting natural and historic resources. Opal Beach is one of the highlights of this waterfront nature preserve. Located between Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach along Highway 399, this private sanctuary is the #1 choice of beach goers. Kept secret by locals and fortunate travelers, Opal Beach is a must-visit beach on the Florida Gulf Coast.

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Where Is Opal Beach?

Although you may have to travel by vehicle to reach this destination, the ride down to Opal Beach is scenic and smooth. The entrance to the private beach is located along Highway 399 on both the Gulf side and Santa Rosa Sound side. All travelers are welcome for a small fee (see below for fee info), with all proceeds going to the upkeep of the park and facilities.

Why Should I Go To Opal Beach?

Escape the crowds of popular Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach beaches at Opal Beach. A large parking lot means worry-free driving, be it a motorcycle or motor home! The beach is open 8am to sunset, with no trash cans, glass, or pets allowed on the premises. Those that pay to access the park typically care more about its well-being and appearance than your typical public beach goer. For this reason, it is rare to encounter rule-breakers. The sand and waves are almost always clear of trash, pet waste, and inconsiderate folks!

There are parking areas and facilities available on both the Gulf (south) and Sound (north) side. Several pavilions are available on-site for small parties and dining. Despite the private status, Clusters A and E are available for reservation through the National Park Service (call 1-850-934-2600 for info). Well-kept public restrooms and showers are also found on-site!

opal beach location

Why Have I Never Heard of Opal Beach?

Opal Beach is one of the Gulf Coast’s best kept secrets! It is a top choice for locals seeking a quiet beach day. For those looking to plan a wedding or event on the beach, Opal Beach is the perfect choice! Although the entrance fees may scare travelers away, for many it’s hard to put a price on a stress-free day at the beach.

For a list of fees to Opal Beach, visit the National Park Service Fees page!

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