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If you like to go for long walks on the beach, you would love shelling. Navarre Beach has become a destination for avid shell collectors, with locals and visitors finding treasures both along the shore and in shallow waters.
Here are a few of the most common shells you might see. Take what you love and throw the rest back for the next beachgoer to discover. The magic never gets old.


Lightning Whelk

Sinistrofulgur perversum, the lightning whelk, is a species of very large predatory sea snail or whelk, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Busyconidae, the busycon whelks. This species has a left-handed or sinistral shell. It eats mostly bivalves.

Sunray Venus

Macrocallista nimbosa, or the sunray venus clam, is a species of bivalve mollusc in the family Veneridae.

Florida-Spiny Jewelbox

Arcinella cornuta, or the Florida spiny jewelbox clam or Florida spiny jewel box, is a marine species of bivalve mollusc in the family Chamidae.

Florida Fighting Conch

Strombus alatus, the Florida fighting conch, is a species of medium-sized, warm-water sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Strombidae, the true conchs. Its name derives two Latin words. Strombus means, in Latin, a snail with spiral shell, which derives from the Greek στρόμβος, meaning anything turned or spun around, like a top or, as in Aristotle’s Historia Animalium, a sea snail. Alatus means, in Latin, “winged”.


Anodontia alba, or the buttercup lucine, is a species of bivalve mollusc in the family Lucinidae.

Calico Clam

Macrocallista maculata, or the calico clam, is a species of bivalve mollusc in the family Veneridae.


Scallop (/ˈskɒləp, ˈskæləp/)[a] is a common name that encompasses various species of marine bivalve mollusks in the taxonomic family Pectinidae, the scallops. However, the common name “scallop” is also sometimes applied to species in other closely related families within the superfamily Pectinoidea, which also includes the thorny oysters..

Sand Dollar

Sand dollars (also known as sea cookies or snapper biscuits in New Zealand and Brazil, or pansy shells in South Africa) are species of flat, burrowing sea urchins belonging to the order Clypeasteroida. Some species within the order, not quite as flat, are known as sea biscuits. Sand dollars can also be called “sand cakes” or “cake urchins”.

Imperial Venus

Lirophora latilirata, the imperial venus clam, is a bivalve mollusc in the family Veneridae. This species grows to about 4.5 cm (1.5 inches) in length. The shell is rounded, triangular and well-inflated, with large, heavy concentric ridges which are often sharply shelved at the top. The ridges can become fragile on dry specimens. Cardinal and lateral teeth are present in the hinge. The shell coloration varies, but it often has a tan exterior with lavender blotches and radial stripes.


Murex is a genus of medium to large sized predatory tropical sea snails. These are carnivorous marine gastropod molluscs in the family Muricidae, commonly called “murexes” or “rock snails”.

Shark Eye

Neverita duplicata, common name the shark eye, is a species of predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Naticidae, the moon snails.


The Scotch bonnet (Semicassis granulata) is a medium-sized to large species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the subfamily Cassinae, the helmet shells and bonnet shells. The common name “Scotch bonnet” alludes to the general outline and color pattern of the shell, which vaguely resemble a tam o’ shanter, a traditional Scottish bonnet or cap. The shell is egg-shaped and fairly large, 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) in maximum dimension, with a regular pattern of yellow, orange or brown squarish spots. The surface sculpture of the shell is highly variable: the surface can be smooth and polished, have grooves, be granulated, or even be nodulose on the shoulder of the whorls.

Sozon’s Cone

Conasprella delessertii, common name Sozon’s cone, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails and their allies.

Banded Tulip

Cinctura lilium, common name the banded tulip, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Fasciolariidae, the spindle snails, the tulip snails and their allies.

Lettered Olive

The lettered olive, Oliva sayana, is a species of large predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Olividae, the olive shells, olive snails, or olives.