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Scuba Diving Charter Trip from Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach has long been known as the most popular place for diving in North Florida! The diving charter goes to sites with an average depth of 65-100 feet and lasts approximately 4-6 hours and may include wrecks, bridge spans, and hard-bottom. Visibility ranges from 100′ on a good day to 35′ on a not-so-good day and the bottom temperature ranges from 80 degrees during the summer months to the lower 60s during the winter. You will see a variety of sea life, including octopus, red snappers, redfish, grouper, and other tropical fish. Reserve your spot today!

You must already have your PADI certification to dive on this charter.

Panama City Beach Diving Tour for Beginners

If you are looking for a unique adventure in the water, then look no further! Gear up and enter shallow water as you learn and practice basic scuba diving skills. Experience the feeling of what it is like to be a scuba diver as you go 5 to 20 feet underwater for up to 40 minutes. All your glorious moments will be captured on GoPro videos and photos and shared with you complimentary. Explore under the surface and enter a whole new world. Get the chance to see a variety of marine life and admire the natural beauty of your surroundings. Explore beneath the sea, book your spot today!

Beginner Scuba Diving Tour

Book your private guided scuba diving tour today! Submerge yourself beneath the ocean blue for a magical escape with your family and friends. This mesmerizing experience is for adults & children ages 10 and up. Your dive pro will provide everything you need so you can relax and explore on this adventure. No experience is required for this dive and you are guaranteed to see all sorts of aquatic life & fish! Free Go Pro video and pictures included! Don’t miss out on the fun!