Top 5 Navarre Beach Bachelor Party Ideas

Tasked with planning the perfect party for your best bud, brother, or future in-law? Navarre Beach is a hot spot for Florida coastal weddings. Discover the top 5 Navarre Beach Bachelor Party Ideas for a super stag the groom and groomsmen won't forget!

Every wedding needs a killer bachelor party, and what better place than the beach? Don’t lose your shirt at a Vegas casino, lose it on a secluded white-sand beach! Give your groom’s destination wedding an equally exciting bachelor party with these Top 5 Navarre Beach Bachelor Party Ideas!

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1. Navarre Beach Fishing Trip

navarre beach fishing

Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, give a bachelor party some rods, reels, bait and brews, and they’ll never forget the good times. Navarre Beach, along with the rest of the Emerald Coast, is known for its bustling fishing industry. Post up at a good inshore spot like the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, or book a Navarre Beach Fishing Charter departing from Navarre, Pensacola, or Destin!

2. Navarre Beach Nightlife

helen-back-ladies-nightImage from Pixabay

Head out on the town with some of Navarre Beach’s premier nightlife! Swing into Juana’s Pagodas for some island-centric late-night partying.

Check out our Navarre Beach Nightlife guide for the full story on Navarre Beach’s hottest spots!

3. Watersports Adventure

navarre beach parasailing

Grab a jet ski, pontoon, kayak or paddleboard and hit the coast on a watersports adventure! Plan an extreme excursion in the heart of the pass, or relax with your buddies on a quiet stretch of the coast. Strap yourself to a parasail or flyboard for some thrill-seeking fun not found anywhere else!

Choose from dozens of Emerald Coast watersport tours and rentals online with Navarre Beach water activities!

4. Day at the Beach


This one is a no-brainer. Hit one of Navarre Beach’s pristine white-sand beaches for an afternoon of sun and sand. Say “I DO” to a cold drink while relaxing to the groom’s favorite tunes. Make the most of the day with Navarre Beach gear rentals including boogie boards, surf boards, beach chairs and more!

5. Day Trip to Crab Island

navarre beach crab island

Head down the coast to Destin’s famous Crab Island sand bar. Rent a watercraft or reserve a shuttle to take the whole crew to Destin, Florida’s party central. The popular hangout is located beneath the Destin bridge and attracts millions of boaters and swimmers annually. Food, games, and live entertainment is offered on a daily basis during spring and summer!

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