What I Wish Everyone Knew About Stargazing In Navarre Beach

Stargazing is an age-old pastime enjoyed by curious minds across the globe. Planets, stars, and even entire galaxies are visible from the ground, and a telescope isn't always required.

On your next trip to Navarre, trade the glow of your cell phone screen for the glow of a billion stars! Stargazing in Navarre Beach is the perfect vacation activity. Connect with your loved ones, set the mood for a romantic getaway, and let the waves and soft sand serve as the perfect backdrop to this extraordinary pastime. There are a few things that make Navarre Beach the prime location for astronomy. Here’s What I Wish Everyone Knew About Stargazing in Navarre Beach!

Low Light Pollution

Light Pollution, most commonly known as excessive light, is a modern phenomenon you’ve probably never heard of. Homes, stores, street lamps, and even vehicle headlights contribute to light pollution. This is why folks who live in or near major cities rarely see the stars after dark.

stargazing at the beach
Image by James Jordan via Flickr

Here at Navarre Beach, there is hardly any light pollution. With the closest major city miles away, and only a handful of buildings near the beach, the night sky is as dark as can be, lending to near-perfect stargazing potential! To further increase your chances of a clear night, plan your stargazing session on a night with no moon.

Romance is in the Air

What’s more romantic than a sky full of stars? Stargazing in Navarre Beach is a favorite activity for couples looking to ramp up the passion, or rekindle an old flame. Bring along a blanket, drinks, and some sultry tunes for an unforgettable date night!

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Fun for the Whole Family

Learn together as a family while exploring the night sky! Astronomy is a safe, simple, and a fun hobby for kids, parents, and even grandpa and grandma. Print out a star map, or use a nifty app like SkyView Lite or Sky Map to find constellations, planets, and more fun astronomical “landmarks”.

navarre beach astronomy
Image from Wikipedia

A telescope may not be necessary, but it certainly helps! Bring along a telescope for close-up views..

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Doesn’t Cost a Dime

Everyone loves parasailing, boating, and a fresh seafood dinner, but sometimes a cost-free activity can offer just as much entertainment without the budget-breaking expense. Luckily, stargazing is totally free! Now if only we can figure out how to get a free seafood dinner…

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